Welcome to the Neighborhood

Our Washington D.C. location has plenty of walkable nearby attractions.

Nearby Georgetown is dense with shopping, and Glover Park, a family-friendly neighborhood, is just outside your door.


National Cathedral Gardens

We are lucky to be located right off a stretch of Wisconsin Ave that is packed with things to do. A city as rich with history as Washington DC has plenty to experience without ever going inside. And our great location makes it simple for new visitors to navigate.


Bethesda, Tenleytown, & Friendship Heights

To the North on Wisconsin Ave, there is The National Cathedral that features sprawling gardens perfect for an outdoor walk. Further up in areas like Bethesda, Tenleytown, and Friendship Heights, you will find plenty of shopping centers ranging from discount outlets to high-end department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue.

An Outdoor
Retail Wonderland



South from the hotel on Wisconsin Ave, you will find Washington D.C.’s shopping district Georgetown.

Block after block dense with stores like Frye, Sephora, and The Apple Store make Georgetown a retail paradise.

Head further south to Georgetown Harbour a waterfront area where you will find restaurants with outdoor heated space overlooking the Potomac.

Family-Friendly Neighborhood

Guy Mason Playground

For families with kids, there is a large playground and park only a block South of the hotel. It has activities for a range of ages as well as a field and track. It is the perfect place for pushing a stroller or walking a dog or having your pet mingle at the dog park that is there as well.

Walkable Green Space

Glover Archbold Park

A nearby part of Rock Creek Park, Glover Park as it’s more commonly known, is a green space with a variety of paths and trails. Great for families with older kids who need to get outside and exercise. There is no “Are we there yet?” because you can walk right out the door and in minutes you are on a hike!

Nearby Colleges & Universities

Georgetown University & American University

Glover Park Hotel Georgetown is a great place to stay for families planning on visiting the Georgetown University of American University campuses.

Washington D.C. is a VERY WALKABLE CITY, & Run-Able, Jog-able, hike-able, bike-able.

These Streets Were Made for Walking



Georgetown Waterfront

  • In the Neighborhood
  • Waterfront Views
  • Active with City Life


for the hiker in need of a day in nature

Rock Creek Park

  • Nearby
  • Large Park
  • Great Day Trip

Weaving through a lush green city are trails that take you through a surprisingly diverse city landscape.

One moment you’re a the waterfront, the next you are jogging a trail in the woods, dcist.com has some recommendations.

Bikers love our city too, for the perfect route for a ride check out a trail guide like ridethecity.com.

Our Location is Very Walkable to Nearby Businesses

Just a Minutes From The Essentials

All of these convenient stores are within walking distance: CVS, Trader Joes, Safeway, Giant, FedEx, and Wells Fargo.

Our Central Location Makes it Easy to Find Your Way Home

Explore The City Like a Native

There is no nearby metro but there is a wonderful bus system that runs throughout the city. Ask the concierge for help navigating it to your destination if the need arises.

You will find Scooter and Bikes to rent throughout the city as well as vehicles, and the Glover Park Hotel Georgetown does offer parking.